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is a 22 year old American singer-songwriter.


A New England coastal kid, his music plays true to his roots. Sounds of summer, love, and change are channeled by Zane's innate ability to storytell both lyrically and sonically. Through the use of creative sound sampling and real-life audible triggers like the rev of an engine, his music places the listener in the moment and takes them along for the journey. 

Zane’s path to debut was met with much patience, but his commitment to art and passion to create the ultimate feel good track led him to release his debut single, Road Song which garnered much attention. 

After spending a year writing and arranging Zane moved across the country to Venice Beach in the Fall of 2021 and took his songs to veteran producer/Engineer Jon Gilbert (Mt. Joy, Adam Melchor, Oliver Hazard). Zane has released two new singles "Young" and "Sedona" so far from the batch. 



Johnny Wright


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